PTA Board and Committees

2016 - 2017 Elected OFFICERS:

Ashley Nielsen, President  

Linda Fangue, Vice President 

Open, Secretary 

Stacy Rome, Treasurer 

Membership ~
Mallory Pell

Staff Appreciation ~ Sunni Hosch

Fundraising ~ Stacey Rome

My Coke Rewards ~  Stacy Rome

Roar Store ~ Christie Garber

Snack Shack ~ Sandra Morse

Smoothies ~ Mallory Pell

Uniform Resale & T-shirts ~ Jackie Meredith

Website ~
Suzanne Lynch

Box Tops ~  Stacy Rome

Volunteer Coordinator - Alyson Dantone

Outreach - Ashley Nielsen

**If interested in becoming a committee chairperson or in assisting with any of these committees, please contact us via our email.  We will forward your message to the appropriate person(s).  THANK YOU!**