Vocabulary 1

Unit 5 Reading – Adventures All Around 

Week 1               	
Oral Vocabulary: creative   talent   original   marvelous   shrewed
Phonics – Long /o/o, oa, ow	
                 no   boat   low   go   coat   row   
Story Words:     always   mother   father   try   firm   supposed   love
Challenge:       combs   favorite   artists   sculpture

Week 2	
The Kite
Oral Vocabulary: view   ascend   drift   approached   quarrel
Phonics – Long /i/ y igh	
                 find   kind   by   my   night   right   low   boat   
Story Words:	 shout   ball   head   should   never   try   fly
Challenge:	 discs   glide   robins   shout

Week 3	
Kids’ Inventions
Oral Vocabulary: ingenuity   determination   simple   benefit   thrilled
Phonics – R controlled art, -arn 
                 arm	cart   barn   arm   art   yarn   harm   
Vocabulary:	 children    round    better    machine   or    discovery
Challenge:	 company   record   round   contest

Week 4	
Whistle for Willie
Oral Vocabulary: admire   challenging   charity   focus   offer   
Phonics r-controlled /or/or	
                 born   barn   corn  cork  pork  fork   horn
Vocabulary:      early  instead  thought  nothing  errand  suddenly  along
Challenge:	 athlete   grocery   whirled   carton 

Week 5	
A Fruit is a Suitcase for a Seed
Oral Vocabulary: cultivate   nutritious   stubborn   plentiful   blossom
Phonics – ir, er, ur	
                 bird   kit   twirl   shirt   flat   first   fork   girl
Vocabulary:      places  tiny   ground   crowded   part   animals   from
Challenge:	 beautiful   fruit   vegetable   

Unit 4 Reading – NATURE WATCH

Week 1	

"Pelican Was Hungry"
Oral Vocabulary: 	group  behavior
Phonics – long o:	bone  cone  hope  rope  poke  rose  close  
                        home  hole  globe  drove
Story/Vocabulary:	saw  opened soon every any sparkled every floating
Challenge:      	pelican  dolphin  turtle  coconut

Week 2	

"June Robot Cleans Up"
Oral Vocabulary:	waste  recycle
Phonics – long u:	use  cute  mule  duke  cube  fume  mute  rude  
                        prune  rule
Story/Vocabulary:	work  after  old  find  new  creation  done  
                        terrific  used  Luke
Challenge:      	robot  cleans  noise  brother  paste  tomorrow  
                        switch  leftover

Week 3	

"Stormy Weather"
Oral Vocabulary:	conditions  forecast
Phonics – long a:	may  say  stay  gray  main  sail  wait  paid  snail  
                        train  paint  trail
Story words:    	warm  sound  their  extreme  predict  cold  know  
                        great  rain  play
Challenge:      	storms  sky  thunder  blizzard  tornado  tornadoes  
                        thunderstorms  lightning

Week 4	

"Meet Ben Franklin"
Oral Vocabulary:	curious  investigates
Phonics – long e:	he  she  see tree  feel  week  seat  neat  teach  
Story/Vocabulary:	curious  idea  friends  kind  by  far  knew  house  
                        be  deep
Challenge:      	electricity  sparks  key  lightning  sky  iron  

Week 5	

"Little Rabbit"
Oral Vocabulary:	predicament  solution
Phonics (y as long e):  silly  sunny  happy  chilly  candy  lucky  plenty  
                        study  easy  messy
Story/Vocabulary:	before  happen  began  told  heard  glared  haste  
                        falls  hungry  silly
Challenge:      	forest  deer  tiger  elephant  lion  dreamy  banana  
                        thump  heard

Unit 3 Reading – LET'S CONNECT

Week 1	
Oral Vocabulary - culture  custom
Phonics – long a - ate  wave  made  plane  wake  name  safe  blame  sale  
                   same  tape  date
Story/Vocabulary words - hello  could  walk  pull  all  oh  stuck  feet  tail
Challenge - address  city  post office

Week 2	
Oral Vocabulary - outline  observe
Phonics – s blends - spot  spell  slot  slim  smash  smell  step  still  
                     sniff  skip  swim  scale 
Story/Vocabulary words - boy  girl  people  when  care  water  together
Challenge - animals  bread  brother  cook  home  leaves  Ilama  
            neighborhood  recycled  river

Week 3	
Oral Vocabulary - outline  observe
Phonics – digraphs (ch  tch  wh) - itch  catch  batch  pitch  check  chick  
                                   much  lunch  chip  whip  which  inch
Story words - our  again  would  your light
Challenge - change  moves  Earth  shadow

Week 4	
Oral Vocabulary - member  share
Phonics – long i - Ike  Mike  side  wide  time  bite  fine  line  pile  
                   five  ripe  smile
Story/Vocabulary words - call  how  more  funny  there  so
Challenge - baby  bubbles  happy  hungry  grandmother  grandfather  aunt

Week 5	
Oral Vocabulary	- connection  support
Phonics – blends (scr  spl  spr  str)-scrap  scrape  scrub  sprig  sprint  
                     spring  strap  stripe  stride  struck  splash  split
Story/Vocabulary Words - say  says  about  give  read  were
Challenge - grandmother  story  learn  boats  flowers  salt  cook  tree  
            celebrate  relatives  parade

Unit 2 Reading – OUTSIDE MY DOOR

Week 1               	
*Animal Moms and Dads
Oral Vocabulary	protect       provide
Phonics – Short o  not    mop    pond    pot   fox   nod    fog    got 
Story Words	   one   her   two   they   does   frog   hop   rock 
Challenge	   animal       baby      food

Week 2	
*Little Red Hen
Oral Vocabulary	responsibility      cooperate
Phonics – Short e  den   ten    bend   test   net   Ed    fell
Story Words	   who    no    some   of   eat   mess   help   get
Challenge	   grow     kernels     factory 

Week 3	
*A Prairie Dog Home 
Oral Vocabulary	habitat    survive  
Phonics – th, sh    path    thin     math    wish     shed     dish 
Vocabulary	    into   many   live   out   this   dash
Challenge	    meet    claws    caring  

Week 4	
*The Fun Kids Band
Oral Vocabulary	perform    entertain  
Phonics – Short u    up     mud    rush    bus    dug     shut   
Vocabulary	     want    put   show   under   three   make   fun    drums
Challenge	     instrument    bandstand     sounds  

Week 5	
*On My Way to School
Oral Vocabulary	humorous     amuse
Phonics – l-blends   flap   blob   slot    clap     flop     glad   
Vocabulary	     why   late   school   today   away   way   Glen    glad
Challenge	     apes   gumdrops    crocodile    pool    gate


Unit 1 Reading – ALL ABOUT US 

Week 1              	
*Pam and Sam
Oral Vocabulary:	unique     interest
Phonics – Short a	Pam   Sam   map   tap   pan   man   ran  tan         
Story Words	jump    up    down    not   Pat   can
Challenge	neighbor      family     friends

Week 2	
*I Can!  Can You?
Oral Vocabulary:	movement      express
Phonics – Short a	mat   rat   that     sat   fat   cat   pack  lack 
Story Words	over    it       yes    too     Mac    can    
Challenge	push      helps     move

Week 3	
*How You Grew
Oral Vocabulary:	change       learn
Phonics – Short i	pick      quick     wig   quit   six    zip
Vocabulary	run     ride    be    big      kid
Challenge	bird    hatch    grow

Week 4	
*Pet Tricks
Oral Vocabulary:	train     needs
Phonics – Short i	crib   drip    grin    trick    trim    grill   
Vocabulary	come    that    on    good     Brad     grab
Challenge	need     living    things    care

Week 5	
Oral Vocabulary:	goal      accomplish
Phonics – Blends	band     hand      last     list     bank    pink
Vocabulary	help   now   use   very     Hank    hands
Challenge	black    white     smooth    round    pass    roll


Reading – START SMART - Readiness Review

Day 1               	
Story 1
Letters sounds and Handwriting	 M, S 
Story Words	I   can   we   like  
Review Basic Sight Words	this    is    not    my    red


Day 2              	
Story 2
Letters sounds and Handwriting	P, T, short a 
Story Words	 see   the  
Review Basic Sight Words	I   have   a    good   see


Day 3               	
Story 3
Letters sounds and Handwriting	N, C, F
Story Words	go   to   have   a   
Review Basic Sight Words	get   in   blue   here


Day 4               	
Story 4
Letters sounds and Handwriting	H,  short i
Story Words	play      you
Review Basic Sight Words	you   can   go   it


Day 5               	
Story 5
Letters sounds and Handwriting	D,  R
Story Words	he    is
Review Basic Sight Words	and   for    the    like


Day 1              	
Story 6
Letters sounds and Handwriting	B  L   short o
Story Words	she    and   said    are
Review Basic Sight Words	to    we    fun     play


Week 2
Day 2              	
Story 7
Letters sounds and Handwriting	K  CK   short e
Story Words	do   this   what   for 
Review Basic Sight Words	Look     at    me   little


Week 2
Day  3             	
Story 8
Letters sounds and Handwriting	G   W   
Story Words	 here    little
Review Basic Sight Words	come    ride    on   with  


Week 2
Day   4            	
Story 9
Letters sounds and Handwriting	V   J   X  
Story Words	was    my
Review Basic Sight Words	something   want   let   help  


Week 2
Day  5             	
Story 10
Letters sounds and Handwriting	Qu    y   z   short u
Story Words	Look   has   where    with   me   
Review Basic Sight Words