"Oh the Places You'll Go

May 1-5 2017

     There are only 16.5 days left of your child’s Pre-K year. It has been 
great to get to know each and every one of them. Please continue to make sure 
you are checking your child’s folder daily for any important reminders. Also, 
send in an excuse for all absences and continue to send a snack each day. 
Conferences will continue this week and I must submit them to the Pre-K office 
by Friday.

Work this week…
* Growth and Change
* Review Letter “Qq”  
* Blend Phonemes
* Writing a Message
* Sorting 

Work at Home:
* Practice Counting 
* Practice Saying or Writing ABC’s   
* Practice Saying First and Last name, as well as, Age and Birthday

* Conferences are wrapping up this week.
* Field Trip Money is Due by Friday.