Newsletter for Mrs. Gremillion’s Class
Week of April 24-28

Dear Parents,

Next week, third grade students will be taking the LEAP test. We have been 
practicing all year long for this main event. The third grade teachers 
feel that our students will do well. Please remember to make sure that 
your child goes early to bed and arrives on time for school. Students that 
are late will have to wait in the office until testing has been completed 
and then take the test after recess.
Also, I am sending home a pawsome note for you to fill out for your child 
encouraging him/her to do his/her best. Once your child is at school, our 
Lyon family will cheer him/her.

Have a great week,
Beverly Gremillion

Reading Charlotte’s Web
Voc. Words
1st set		admiration      aeronaut     radiant     sociable             
2nd set		inconvenient	versatile    satisfied   advertisement	  

Continue to study multiplication facts. New unit- Geometry 

After completing the unit on the human body, your child will know how the 
human body works, including its skeletal, muscular, nervous, circulatory, 
digestive, and respiratory systems. 

Ou words found   shout  couch  scout  round  proud  clouds  ground  louder  
bounce  outline
Ow words town   owl      bow     plow   crow    snowplow
Other words: answered     announced   said

Testing Dates
Wednesday	Language   adverbs
Thursday	Reading	   Voc. Test
		Math	   skills-estimating,addition,subtraction
			   Multiplication, and division
Friday		 Math	   Geometry Lessons 1-4 

Important Dates
April 24-28	Book Fair
April 27	Interims and Roar Store
April 28	Spirit Day
May 1-5	        Leap testing
May 19	        Third Grade Awards Day 10:00 AM in our gym