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What Time Is It

Hope everyone has a wonderful summer!

CONGRATULATIONS SHOW CHOIR 2 for bringing home a Sweepstakes trophy for receiving all Superior Ratings in Stage performance and Sight Reading at the State Festival in Baton Rouge!!  They did an amazing job performing. Thanks to all parents who drove and chaperoned our trip. We could not have done it without you!

Video of our performance is below.

SC 2 State Festival Performance 2017

Thanks to all who participated and volunteered to help make a successful Night with the Stars! This video is for your enjoyment but should not be shared on social medias.

Night with the Stars 2017

The recording of Parish Festival is now up on Channel 13 youtube and will be running on Channel 13. Check their schedule for further details.

Parish Honor Choir

Commercial Unit - Class projects. Every group did such a good job. These videos are for students to view and share with their parents. Please do not post these on social media sites in consideration of other students' privacy.


1st Hour

Santa's Expresso   Snow in the Sun    Insta-Lights    North Pole


3rd Hour

Alarm Clock   Beat Pill   Odell Gloves    Hover Board         Sleep Away  

4th Hour

Cat Mechanics   Noise Away    Fluffys                          

Foody Mountain Make-up      Frenchy Fry Maker                  

Shutty Spray    Zip It Up Button    Easy Breezy Waffle Maker

5th Hour

Humanproof Case

6th Hour

Joes BBQ Foot Message    Candy Cane Cakes    Frostbite FroYo

Lightning Wrapper     Santa Security

7th Hour

Crazy Christmas Cookies    Instant Lips    Pablo Scarves



Keyboard Options - keyboard-options.


Explore Music Timbre Projects




Reading the staff (treble and bass clef) presentation.







Names of Lines and Spaces and Keys on Keyboard.jpg

Counting Notes in Measures.jpg





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Links/Study Helps

Study Guide for Music symbols and terms

Link to how to play piano songs

Link to review/learn note values and other music theory.     

Music Tech Teacher:              


2015-2016 Videos

Video of Night with the Stars '16 -

Night with the Stars '16

Watch 6th grade Choir and Show Choir Festival Performances - 6th grade is at the beginning, Show Choir starts at 24.00 minutes.

Parish Festival Performance


1st Hour Commercials -

Snowstorm   Grip gloves    Elfie Selfie    Clear Proof Pillow   Teleporter    Capsule Bus

3rd Hour Commercials -

Blinkers   Colorful Sticks   Edible Christmas Tree    Fixerator   Glow Pencils  Magic Pencil

Make It Better Machine   Santa's Bake Shop 

4th Hour Commercials -

Life Proof Case    Big Bow Company      Christmas Bells      Christmas Teddy      Starbucks   Snuggy Bear      Hot Cheetos      Christmas Bell        Beanie Boos       The Infinity Stocking          Big Bow 

5th Hour Commercials -

MKL    Psychic Portal   MBK Truth Lazer   Sleep Spray  The Era and Period Machine

6th Hour Commercials -

Talk and Smell    Simply Delicious    Nerb Blaster    Frogilator    Edible Homework    Edible Christmas Tree


7th Hour Commercials -

Singing Suds  Shoes 2 U  Nike   Instant Abs  Fix Your Face  Creamy Cakes   Big Green Ball

Veteran's Day Performance

Show Choir at school board performance - Nov. 5, 2015

2014-2015 Videos -

1st Hour Explore Music History Video

6th Hour Explore Music History Video

Keyboard Class May Recital 2015


Show Choir slides - I Was Here

Video of Night with the Stars - First Half of Show - NWS

2nd Half of Show NWS

2014 Christmas videos -

Choir 1 - Lots and Lots of Boxes

Show Choir & Choir 1 Christmas Concert 2014 -

1st Show Opening

Choir 1 Winter Wonderland

1st Show Music in the Air Hannah H. Sign Language song

1st Show Carol of the Bells with Alumni

1st Show Carols & We Wish You a Merry Christmas

1st Show Closing

2nd Show Opening through Music in the Air 

2nd Show Lots & Lots of Boxes

2nd Show Carol of the Bells with Alumni

2nd Show Carols and We Wish You a Merry Christmas

Explore Music Commercials -

Bubble Blob Christmas Trees Face Pillow Hush Pumpy Arms

Xmas Blast Christmas Cookies Planes Sparkly Pinecones

Edible Wrapping Paper

Keyboard Christmas Recital 2014 -

Part 1 KB Christmas Recital 2014

Part 2 KB Christmas Recital

The link to the Veteran's Day performance that was recorded by Channel 13. Great job everyone!

SC Ensemble performing for STPSB Perfect Attendance reception.

2013-2014 Videos -

Parish Choral Festival - Jr. High Choral Festival '14

Show Choir Lancaster Performance May '14 - Lancaster pt. 1

- Lancaster pt. 2

Show Choir video - "Popular" -

Show Choir video - "Heartbeat of MJH" -

Keyboard 3rd hr. recital pt. 1 -

Keyboard 3rd hr. recital pt. 2 -

Keyboard 6th hr. recital pt. 1 -

Keyboard 6th hr. recital pt. 2 -

Christmas Concert 2013 Videos -

Show Choir & Choir 1 Part 1 First Performance

Show Choir & Choir 1 Part 2 First Performance

Curtain Call First Performance

Show Choir & Choir 1 Part 1 Second Performance

Show Choir & Choir 1 Part 2 Second Performance

Curtain Call Second Performance

The Keyboard Recital videos links are on the Keyboard Webpage.

Veteran's Day 2013 Program Video

Click on the link above to view the Veteran's Day program recorded by Channel 13.

Here are the links to the music videos 2012-2013 Choir 1 and Show Choir did for Christmas. Enjoy!

Show Choir - Deck the Rooftop

Choir 1 - Lots and Lots of Boxes

2011 - 2012 Videos -

What Can I Do 2012 Musical