About the Teacher


  I am Belinda Breaux, and will be your child's teacher in either Consumer 
Science or World Civilization.  I am so excited for this school year! We will 
have a great time learning and having fun. My desire for you is to  
experience that learning is fun and can be a wonderful journey! You will 
learn many new facts but  will also grow as a young adult with new life 
skills. Etiquette and other valuable tools in handling yourself will be 
practiced throughout the year. Students will work individually and in 
groups. This will give them experience with communication and team work to 
achieve results in problem solving.  Parents, you can assist your child  
by encouraging them to practice and complete their work. 

The DOCUMENTS tab will give the student the Power Points, guided notes, along 
with study guides and project information that they will need. They will be 
able to review what we learned in class and use this as a tool for 
The weekly agenda will give an overview of what we are doing daily in the 
class. This will enable your student to stay informed of deadlines and 
upcoming tests.

Disclaimer: Agenda,homework,tests,quizzes are subject to change. Please do 
not rely soley on this website for classroom updates.It is up to YOU, the 
student, to copy your homework each day in your agenda and pay attention in 
the classroom for any announcements 
and changes.
   Feel free to email me at  belinda.breaux@stpsb.org or call the school at