May 15-19

TEST Friday--
Honors: adding/subtracting integers

2nd hr: Inequalities
3rd, 4th, & 7th: surface area of rectangular prisms

HOMEWORK: Homework is given almost every night! Students’ WORK MUST BE SHOWN! NO WORK=NO CREDIT! Credit will NOT be given for completing the wrong page, or incomplete work, INCLUDING NOT SHOWING YOUR WORK! Putting a question mark or “I didn’t get it” does not count as an answer. Homework is posted on the board in the front of the class room and on my webpage. Students should purchase an agenda or small notebook to copy all homework assignments. Students will receive a homework grade each nine weeks based on the number of assignments given and the number they completed.

Test corrections:  Students may make corrections to F test papers.  The corrections MUST be done on a separate sheet of loose leaf paper, be numbered, and all work shown.  The original test and work should NOT be altered in any way!  Test corrections are due each Friday.

Students need to know their multiplication facts!  Quiz your child often on their multiplication facts to improve their fluency!  Have them put an app on their phone or tablet to practice multiplication and division facts.

Students should bring their notebook, text book, and pencils to and from class daily.

 ***PARENTS:  When your child is absent they MUST bring in a note (Doctor or from you) stating why they were absent and the days they were absent.  This note allows students to make up work and tests.  This must be done within 2 days of the absence.  Students have the same number of days they were absent to make up all work, including tests. 

Students are responsible for making up their missed work!  They also need to be sure to make up any tests missed by the Wednesday after the test!