NOTICE: This website will be discontinued in December.  The school is looking 
at what web server will replace it. I will keep you updated as our teacher web 
sites are due to change. 

Parents and Students; Welcome to the school year, 2017-2018.

Look to the left and you will see that each class that I teach has its own
link that will give you an overview of what is happening during the day
and up coming week in that particular class. These links are where students
and parents can check on current lessons being taught, assignments, upcoming
quizzes and tests. Daily class schedules are fluid and subject to change.
Weekly overviews of lessons planned will flex given the pace necessary to
cover a concept. I often extend lessons if the class is not grasping ideas, or
combine lessons if the class demonstrates mastery of the topic.

I pace my class according to the input of those students actively involved
in the learning process. If a student doesn't get involved with the lesson
and ask questions I will not be aware that they are struggling with a concept.
Due to the highly challenging nature of my classes, students who fail to pay
attention, review for quizzes/tests, or complete assignments can be quickly
left behind. Also, students who demonstrate a weakness of understanding on
a topic may need to schedule tutoring during lunch or after school.

I can always be contacted via e-mail at cherie.laplace@stpsb.org. See link at

Mrs. LaPlace