Ms. Helms
 American History

Last 9 Weeks
"Finish Strong"

APRIL 24-28
Monday-Chapter 17 questions in composition books
Tuesday-Chapter 17 questions in composition books
Wednesday- Vocabulary Quiz Chapter 17 complete Chapter 17 questions
Thursday-Review for Chapter 17 test
Friday-Chapter 17 Test

Schedule always subject to change.

ONLINE TEXTBOOK ACCESS: Students should now be able to view their textbooks online by signing into Moodle.

click on the American history textbook.  It will bring you to a screen asking for log in and a password
For the login, they must type 
their password in the next blank

The login and password are the log in and password they use for all school computers

LEAP 2025 Testing


If any of you would like to make any donations to class they will be greatly appreciated. Please check my wish list page.  Thank you for your kindness.


Classroom Expectations:

1) Speak at appropriate times
2) Respect the learning environment
3) Complete work/Cooperate with others
4) Be prepared for class
5) Respect others
6) Arrive on time
7) Refrain from eating, drinking or chewing gum
As a faculty we will all follow the same basic procedure.  When a rule is broken, a warning check will be given. Next time a rule is broken a character trait will be given to your child and a parent contact made. Third broken rule will result in a lunch detention.

Ms Helms Class Expectations
1) Get out composition notebook
2) Get out a pen or pencil
3) Begin Bell Work immediately
4) Do not disturb others
5) Respect others, teacher and yourself at all times