WEEK AT A GLANCE 7th Grade Speech , May 15-19, 2017

SPECIAL EVENT: 6th and 7th grade dance this Friday, May 19

Speech students will be spending each class:
  • completing viewing charts after watching TED talks on various subjects
  • watching movies and giving critical presentations afterwards
  • participating in "FOUR CORNERS" activities, which is similar to an abbreviated debate session in which the whole class participates.

WEEK AT A GLANCE 8th Grade English, May 15-19, 2017

Eight graders are in their last days at MJH! Congratulations to all students who are graduating and a big shout out to those who received awards on Monday.

Monday: Students were presented with an agenda for the week, then given time to work on definitions of the last group of words from our novel. In addition to the two tests listed below (on Tuesday and Friday), there is an English assignment due on Friday. See PPT on this site for information.

Tuesday:  Students will take a reading comprehension test on The Devil's Arithmetic, chapters 7-14; there are also two multiple choice questions on The Bielski Partisans. Early finishers will continue to work on definitions. We will listen to/read the final chapter of the book.

Wednesday:  We will review the vocabulary words from chapter 14-epilogue by looking at them in context. Students will work in small groups to answer comprehension questions on the final chapters of the book. Time permitting, we will begin viewing "The Wave".

Thursday:  I will separate the study guide into 5 parts and give each small group of students 15 minutes to prepare a presentation to the class as a means of reviewing for the final test tomorrow. We will continue watching "The Wave".

Friday:  Students will take their final test which consists of comprehension questions on chapters 15-epilogue, vocabulary words (including Yiddish from the handout given at the start of the book), and literary elements. We will conclude class by finishing the movie and discussing its relevance to our studies of the Holocaust.