Policies & Procedures

In my class, twenty percent of each student’s overall grade is his/her exam grade.  The other eighty percent consists of his/her class work,” which is simply everything done other than the exam.  Tests (100 pts.), quizzes (20 - 50 pts.), class work (10-20 pts.), and participation (25 pts. given weekly) are all weighted accordingly within that percentage. Please follow the link from the school website to review your child’s grades.

                We have vocabulary quizzes each week.  Your child is given ten words per week from the readings to learn for the weekly quiz.  After receiving thirty words (three weeks), we will have a test on all thirty words on that fourth week.  We then will start fresh.  All other tests will be announced days in advance, in an effort to give students time to prepare.  In an effort to cut back on the stress of formal testing, I will often give pop quizzes on material discussed the prior class meeting – these will be short, five-question, short-answer quizzes to assess students’ comprehension/understanding of the material.  Quite often, these quizzes will serve as the only formal assessment for a unit taught.  If a student has an unexcused absence for the day of the quiz’s material or the quiz day itself, the student will receive a zero for that quiz.  However, if the absence is excused, that quiz grade will be excused.  Daily participation points will be given ranging from one to five for a total of twenty-five available points a week.

My classroom policy allows students five visits to the restroom within a grading period.  If a medical condition finds this unsatisfactory, please provide the office with a doctor’s note, and I will make the necessary accommodations.  Students are not allowed to eat and/or drink in class; however, students are allowed to have water.  If seen (including checking the time), electronic devices (cell phones, iPods, PSP, etc.) will be taken away and given to administration, who will then issue a day in Saturday school.  Student identification must be worn properly around the neck at all times.  If the tag is missing, the student will be asked to purchase a temporary I.D., or serve a detention.

I have tried to keep my classroom rules down to a minimum.  They are as follows: Remain on Task (be present), Respect, Remain in your seat until dismissed, and Refrain from consumption (no candy, food, or drink).  If any of these rules are violated, I will give the student a verbal warning.  If the problem persists, I will contact you in an effort to remedy the situation.  If the problem continues at that time, a detention will be issued.  Administration will become involved if your child continues to disregard the rules and the misbehavior becomes habitual.

Sleeping, or a student’s putting his/her head down, will never be tolerated in class.  If a student chooses to do so, he/she will be woken up and given a fifteen-minute after-school detention.  The student will then earn an additional fifteen minutes to the detention (up to an hour) every time he/she chooses to sleep again during the same class period.  Upon the third detention for the same reason, a discipline referral will be filed with the disciplinarian for habitual misconduct.  It is imperative that students remain awake and alert in class so that they can get the most out of class discussions as well as be prepared for any pop quizzes that may be given.















Only students with excused absences will be allowed to make up work.  The work/test must be made up within three days from the student's return to school.  It is the student's responsibility to contact the teacher in regard to makeup work.  If the student is absent on the day an assignment is due, he/she must turn in the assignment upon his/her return to school.  Please keep in mind the state attendance law which states that if a student exceeds the number of allowed absences, the student will not receive class credit.  It is the policy of the English department that plagiarism of any kind will receive a zero for a grade.  Finally, the English department requires students to read all reading assignments, and not to rely on any type of study aid.

                A tardy log will be kept in my class.  Upon the third tardy to class within a grading period, the student must serve a thirty-minute after-school detention.  An hour long detention must be served upon the student's sixth tardy.  Starting with the ninth tardy, the student will be referred to the school's administration for disciplinary action.

The following supplies will be needed for my class: ballpoint pens (blue or black only), college-ruled loose-leaf paper, 1.5” binder with dividers, a marble-type composition notebook (sewn-in pages), and one box of tissue.

If your child ever feels “lost” in my class, I encourage him/her to ask questions in class so that I may elaborate on the issue at hand.  If confusion is still a problem, the student should contact me to schedule an appointment to receive extra help.

If ever you feel the need to contact me for any reason, the best way to reach me is via email at les.bradford@stpsb.org.  Also, class information will be available online at www.teacherweb.com/la/mandevillehighschool/bradford.