English II ON LEVEL Lesson Plans

October 17-21

Monday (10/17)

Imagery Creative Writing

Tuesday (10/18)

Review Cold Reading Test; finish writing

Finish Ch. 5 and answer questions as a class

Wednesday (10/19)

Ch.1-5 Prejudice chart; review

Thursday (10/20)

Start reading Ch. 6 as a class and answer guided reading questions

Friday (10/21)

Finish Ch. 6 and Ch. 6 guided reading questions (Turn in Ch. 5 and 6 questions)

Work on dialect/slang worksheet

October 24-28

Monday (10/24)

Defining Moments Chart (Ch.1-6) for Atticus, Dill, Jem, and Scout

Tuesday (10/25)

Start and Finish Ch. 7 and 8; complete guided reading questions

Wednesday (10/26)

Review Vocabulary and Dialect and Slang

Look for characterization in Ch. 7 and 8; review

Thursday (10/27)

Ch. 5-8 Test (Study: Ch. 5/6 vocabulary, slang, dialect, new characters, questions)

Friday (10/28)

Start Ch. 9

Monday (10/31)
Finish reading Ch.9-10 and answer the questions (students already have- extras on desk); complete the

vocabulary packet (turn in)

Tuesday (11/1)
Ch. 11 and foreshadowing worksheet (turn in both)

Wednesday (11/2)
Atticus Close read three passages (turn in)

Thursday (11/3)
Atticus Close Read three passages (turn in)

Friday (11/4)
Part One test study guide (keep to study; test next week)