Welcome to Ms. Duhe’s STEM Home page.


STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math, and is my passion. I love teaching and learning about STEM, and I hope that your child will have a wonderful time learning and exploring with me this year.


Here you will find links to all of my important documents for class, information about assignments (or how to get that information!), the class calendar with due dates and a general plan of the day, as well as a more detailed lesson plan for each week.


Please note that some of the links here will redirect you to a much easier to maintain google site that I am linking below. Both sites will have the same information, so please visit whichever is easier for you.


Ms. Duhe's google site


However, students enrolled in the PLTW courses will also need to regularly visit the PLTW LMS as a way of obtaining their specific assignments. Due to copyright rules, I am not allowed to post the curriculum directly on my website. Students will receive login information, hopefully by the second week of school. Think of the LMS as the textbook for the class.


Physics students will have all of their course material available on this site. Links will be provided on the Lesson Plans and Homework Page listed in the sidebar. Please be patient as the page redirects you to the google site.


You may contact me at:  Jaclyn.duhe’@stpsb.org or call the school at 985-626-5225


Please contact me if you have any questions, comments or concerns about your student, the course, or even about this website.


Please use the links on the sidebar to view the syllabus for the course(s) your child is taking as well as the All Class Syllabus and Policies.


I look forward to having a wonderful year as we all discover the joys of STEM.