Spring 2017 - U.S. History

Week 4.7


Monday, May 8th:  Finish John Green Crash Course

Tuesday, May 9th:  Finish John Green Crash Course

Wednesday, May 10th:  Class Discussion:  Modern Issues in American History

Thursday, May 11th:  Lecture:  Basics of American military history

Friday, May 12th:  American History Trivial Pursuit Game

Week 4.6

Monday, May 1st: EOC REVIEW

Tuesday, May 2nd: EOC REVIEW

Wednesday, May 3rd: EOC REVIEW

Thursday, May 4th: EOC REVIEW

Friday, May 5th: EOC EXAM


Week 4.5

Monday, April 24th:  EOC REVIEW

Tuesday, April 25th: EOC REVIEW

Wednesday, April 26th: EOC REVIEW

Thursday, April 27th: EOC REVIEW

Friday, April 28th:  EOC REVIEW


Week 4.4

Monday, April 10th:  Unit 10 Vocab Packets Due

Tuesday, April 11th:  EOC REVIEW

Wednesday, April 12th:  EOC REVIEW

Thursday, April 13th:  EOC REVIEW

Friday, April 14th: GOOD FRIDAY, NO SCHOOL


Week 4.3

Rise of Conservatism

Monday, April 3rd:  John Green: Intro to Unit 10

Tuesday, April 4th:  EOC REVIEW

Wednesday, April 5th:  EOC REVIEW

Thursday, April 6th:  SUBSTITUTE: work on Unit 10 Vocab Packets

Friday, April 7th:  SUBSTITUTE: work on Unit 10 Vocab Packets

Week 4.2


Monday, March 27th:  EOC REVIEW

Tuesday, March 28th:  Unit 9 Vocab Quiz

Wednesday, March 29th:  EOC REVIEW + Civil Rights DBQs as a class

Thursday, March 30th:  EOC REVIEW  + Continue Civil Rights DBQs individually

Friday, March 31st:  Unit 10 Vocab Workday

Week 4.1


Monday, March 20th:  Finish The Butler + Film Questions + Class Discussion

Tuesday, March 21st:
  ACT Testing

Wednesday, March 22nd:  Unit 9 Vocab Review

Thursday, March 23rd: Finish Unit 9 Vocab Review

Friday, March 24th:  Unit 9 Vocab Quiz pushed back to Tuesday, March 28th
Begin EOC Review


Week 3.10


Civil Rights in the 1950s
Civil Rights in the 1960s



Monday, March 13th:  John Green:  Civil Rights Part 1

Tuesday, March 14th:  John Green: Civil Rights Part 2

Wednesday, March 15th:  Excerpts from The Butler + Film Questions + Class Discussion

Thursday, March 16th:  Excerpts from The Butler + Film Questions + Class Discussion Continued

Friday, March 17th:  STUDENT HOLIDAY

Week 3.9

Cold War Bellringers for this week:
Mar 6.docx
Mar 7.docx
Mar 8.docx
Mar 9.docx
Mar 10.docx

Monday, March 6th:  Lecture:  Reagan, Gorbachev, and the 80's Cold War

Tuesday, March 7th:  Lecture:  The Fall of the Soviet Union and end of the Cold War

Wednesday, March 8th:  Cold War Wrap-Up

Thursday, March 9th:  Unit 9 Vocab Due, Review Game

Friday, March 10th:
  Unit 8 Test

Week 3.8

Monday, February 20th:  Presidents Day Activity

Tuesday, February 21st:  Vietnam War Lecture + Class Discussion

Wednesday, February 22nd:  Vietnam War Lecture + Class Discussion

Thursday, February 23rd:  Afghanistan: The Soviet's Vietnam Lecture + Class Discussion

Friday, February 24th:  Continue Missiles in October + Film Questions

Week 3.7

Monday, February 13th:  Finish Unit 8 Vocab Review #21-40

Tuesday, February 14th:  McCarthyism/Second Red Scare Propaganda Poster Project

Click this:


And this:

McCarthyism in a Nutshell

McCarthyism and the Communist witch-hunts. After a brief introduction to McCarthyism, students will get into groups to design a propaganda poster in line with the paranoia of the Second Red Scare.

The poster should be hand-drawn:
1) contain elements of anti-communist feelings
2) attempt to stir up emotions of the reader/audience of the poster
3) be colored. Should include the color RED especially.
4) encourage the audience to take action

Wednesday, February 15th:  Unit 8 Vocab Quiz Part 2

Thursday, February 16th: Lecture:  Filling the Gaps in the Vocab

Friday, February 17th:  "The Missiles of October" Film and Questions

Week 3.6
Cold War Intro
Cold War Continued

Monday, February 6th:  Cold War Intro

Tuesday, February 7th:  Unit 8 Vocab Due, Vocab Review

Wednesday, February 8th:  Cold War Continued

Thursday, February 9th:  Finish Vocab Review

Friday, February 10th:  Unit 8 Vocab Quiz Part 1


Week 3.5

Monday, January 30th:  Review

Tuesday, January 31st:  Unit 7 (World War II) Test

Wednesday, February 1st:  Unit 8 Vocab workday

Thursday, February 2nd:  Lecture:  Origins of the Cold War

Friday, February 3rd:  Lecture:  The Truman Doctrine and the Marshall Plan

Week 3.4


Monday, January 23rd: Lecture: buildup to WW2

Tuesday, January 24th: Lecture:  WW2 abroad

Wednesday, January 25th: Lecture: WW2 at home

Thursday, January 26th: Unit 7 Bellringer Quiz, Unit 7 Wrap-Up

Friday, January 27th: Review Game for Unit 7 Test on Tuesday, January 31st

Upcoming Bellringers:



Week 3.3

Monday, January 16th:  MLK Holiday

Tuesday, January 17th:  Finish Tuskegee Airmen, class discussion

Wednesday, January 18th:  Unit 7 Vocab Quiz Part 1

Thursday, January 19th:  Lecture: Filling the Gaps on WW2 in the Vocab

Friday, January 20th:  Unit 7 Vocab Quiz Part 2

Upcoming Bellringers:



Week 3.2:


Monday, January 9th:  John Green WW2, Part 2

Tuesday, January 10th:  Vocab Review

Wednesday, January 11th:  Vocab Review

Thursday, January 12th:  Unit 7 Vocab Quiz Part 1 ***** Pushed back to Wednesday

Friday, January 13th:  Tuskegee Airmen Film Questions Part 2

Bellringers for this week:


Week 3.1

This 3rd Nine Weeks will kick off with World War II, a huge event in American history that will take us approximately 4-5 weeks to cover.

Crash Course: World War II - Part 1
World War II - Part 2


Monday, January 2nd:

Tuesday, January 3rd:

Wednesday, January 4th:
  Icebreaker for new students.  Unit 7 Vocabulary Packets distributed.   Intro to Unit 7: World War II

Homework: Define the handful of terms assigned to you both on your vocab packet and again on a separate sheet of paper to be turned in to Mr. Foret.

Thursday, January 5th:
  Turn in homework, Work on Vocab packets as a class.

Friday, January 6th:
  The Tuskegee Airmen (Part 1) - film questions and class discussion

Bellringers for this week: