Bonus extra credit project due May 17.

Free draw using something from a lesson learned during the semester. For example, a painting of something in a color schemed we learned.

May 15, 2017

Intro to Color

Mixed media/ figure manikins in action

 Focus will be on strengthening a variety of skills. Some may need further practice in blending, some may need to strengthen their ability to work in color schemes and some may need strengthening their ability to work three – dimensionally.

Using the move-able figures- students will create a composition using the figure, taking the negative space into consideration. Remembering the power point presentation, think of some interesting backgrounds and scenarios you can use with your figure.


1. Draw several practice sketches in black and white pencil of the manikin figure from power point photos and handouts we looked at in class. Emphasize the movement and action of the figure, Add shading to them to create form.

2. Create a thumbnail sketch for your final using one of the sketches you’ve practiced.

3. Decide the medium you will work in. (paint, color pencil, pastel, etc.) Sketch out the composition on final paper and begin the process of your final.