August 10, 2017

Introduction to Drawing and Design

Line - Lesson One

Goal: Students will explore line in drawing as a basic element of design and create several exercises and drawings using line.

Teacher Will:

Explain Right/Left Brain theory as it relates to drawing

Explain and demonstrate blind contour drawing

Distribute and explain line exercises as needed.


Students will:

Create several different exercises in line design as follows:

Exercise One

Duplication projects (four)

Copying is one of the important parts of learning to see and has its place in your eye training. Copy the design from the worksheet handed out in class


Exercise Two

Mirror-Imaging Project-Face/vase

Mirror imaging is drawing 2 sides of an object symmetrically, drawing lines in reverse. Complete the mirror-imaging exercise worksheet

Exercises three and four

Upside down drawing-Inverted drawing forces the cognitive shift from the dominant left-hemisphere mode to the subdominant right-hemisphere mode. Complete Mrs. Stravinsky upside down.

Exercises on contour drawing

Draw several blind contour drawings of your hands in different positions.

Draw several blind contour drawings of a variety of objects.