March 23, 2017

Intro to Color

Soft Pastel


Students will experiment with a variety of pastel techniques as a drawing and painting medium and combine these techniques with color mixing to produce a final pastel painting in soft pastel. 


Pastel Techniques


Blending, Feathering, Gradations of color, Hatching, Crosshatching and Stippling


Teacher will:

Demonstrate how to use the pastel and experiment with the techniques,

Talk about the process of creating your pastel piece

Review color harmonies and color schemes

Show examples of soft pastel work


Review process of creating thumbnail sketch and rules for composition.

Guide students through project


Students will:

Experiment with creating pastel techniques demonstrated in class.


Create a thumbnail sketch in color pencil from still life of a plant set up in the room, transfer drawing onto good paper.


Students will enlarge onto final pastel paper and apply pastel using some of the techniques explored in class.