About The Teacher

NAME: Jody Hawkins

SCHOOL: Mandeville High School

CLASS: 9th Grade English

EMAIL: jo.hawkins@stpsb.org

About The Teacher

I have been teaching for over twenty nine years and am so excited to be
here at Mandeville High! I am especially passionate about seeing students
truly learn how to LEARN (instead of just memorize material in preparation 
for a test) and seeing those same students use new-found knowledge to 
further both their education and their character!

I have taught in both public schools and private schools in both Tennessee 
and Louisiana.

Degrees and Certification Areas:

Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies - McNeese State University
Bachelor of Theology - Faith Bible College
Master of Arts in English Teaching - University of New Orleans
Studied at New Orleans Academy of Fine Arts
Post Graduate Work at Belmont University in Nashville, TN
Teacher-Consultant for the National Writing Project


To partner with parents and my fellow teachers in producing life-long 
learners who become well-rounded, productive people who excel in their