Policies and Procedures

2016-2017 School Year

Classroom Expectations

1. Check the Bellwork Board for daily instructions.
2. Bring all required materials (pencil, notebook, etc) to class daily. 
3. Be ready to start working once the Tardy bell rings.
4. Adhere to the behavior guidelines as outlined in the MHS handbook.

Behavior Redirection (Consequences)
1st Offense – 	Verbal Warning 
2nd Offense – 	Corrective Essay
3rd Offense – 	Call to parent and detention 
4th Offense – 	Referral to disciplinarian.
Some serious behaviors will bypass the steps and be referred immediately to 
the disciplinarian.

Absence Policy – 
 If a student is absent from class he/she should fill out a make-up request 
form immediately on the first day back in class. Turn the form in to the 
designated area discussed in class.
Graded work will only be accepted for excused absences. The student will 
have the same number of days to complete the work that they were absent. 
 If a handout was given out on the day of his/her absence, it can be found in 
the file folder for that class hour.
It is the student’s responsibility to make up any missed class work 
assignment immediately upon their return to school and to turn it in for 
teacher approval complete. Unless other arrangements are made, make up tests 
will be on Wednesdays during lunch time.

Grading Value – 
20% Quarterly Exam
80% Class work includes: tests, quizzes, homework, Bell Ringers/Class work, 
Vocabulary tests

A 	93 - 100 
B 	85 - 92 
C 	75 - 84 
D 	67 - 74 
F 	 0 - 66 

District Handbook
St Tammany Parish Handbook

Student Handbook
Mandeville High School