About The Teacher

NAME: Mrs. Kramer

SCHOOL: Mandeville High School

CLASS: English II

EMAIL: melanie.kramer@stpsb.org

About The Teacher

This is my second year teaching at MHS. Previously, I taught high school 
English for 6 years at a private school in Hammond. In preparation for my 
teaching career, I earned my degree in English as well as a minor in 
Technical Writing from SLU in 2007. Although I am not currently coaching at 
MHS, I have coached girls basketball, volleyball and softball at the high 
school level. 

Mission For The Class

First, I hope to foster a desire to learn and the ability to express oneself 
through composition in all of my students. However, it is my primary goal to 
help students prepare for future English courses as well as life beyond high 
school. In addition, I have high expectations for all of my students. I 
expect them to produce their own work on time and in an acceptable form.