About The Teacher

NAME: Ms Shirley Lobb

SCHOOL: Mandeville High School

CLASS: Study Skills

SCHOOL PHONE: 985-626-8703

About The Teacher

--Undergraduate Degrees:
  *B.A. Communication Education  
  *B.A. School Librarian 
--Master of Education
  *Mild/Moderate K-12 (Special Education)

--Experience--20 years
  *Communications Ed., Public speaking, Speech-writing 
  *High school librarian (prior to obtaining a Master's Degree in Special
  *Mild/Moderate/Severe: Classes which included, blind, deaf, non-  
   verbal, Emotionally Disturbed and Autistic students.
  *Currently--Study Skills Resource class for diploma-bound students with

  Personal Background: 

  I am the mother of 5 children, 2 with learning disabilities, and the
  grandmother of 7 beautiful grandchildren. 
  My job, and my students, have been a great resource to me as a parent.
  It is my philosophy that we, parents and teachers, must never allow 
  any student to be less than successful due to a disability. It is our 
  duty to help them to learn ways to compensate for any disability and to
  do all that they are capable of doing, experiencing success, and pride, 
  in their educational accomplishments and in moving towards gaining more 

 The class mission is to facilitate the learning of techniques and strategies 
 which will enable students to compensate for special learning needs, and 
 make it possible for them to become life-long learners, and productive