HW for 6th period:
Copy the following paragraph, translate to English, then write three Spanish sentences explaining what happens next:

Nadie sabe que Carlos agarró el pelo. Después de unos minutos, Kristal exclama, «¡Mi pelo! ¿Dónde está mi pelo?» Carlos responde, «¡Qué misterio!» Eli y Kristal salen del cine para buscar el pelo, y después de un rato, Carlos y María salen del cine también.

Entonces Carlos….

ATTN: Spring semester tutoring hours have changed!

Tutoring hours:
Tuesday - Thursday
6:50 - 1st period bell
Room 260

4.1 & 4.2 glossaries oral quiz: Thursday, March 23rd
Words can be found under 4th quarter vocabulary on the notes, powerpoints, and handouts tab

C. 1-4 comprehension quiz: Wednesday, March 29th
Quiz will include short answer and T/F questions (all in Spanish) just like the Pobre Ana quizzes. Information will come from Agentes Secretos y el mural de Picasso c. 1-4