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FRIDAY 8/29/14

State Mandated Lockdown Drill at 9:00 am (extended second hour):
:25 – 8:19 1st
8:23 – 9:33 2nd
9:37 – 10:28 3rd
10:32 – 11:23 4th
11:23 – 12:46 5th and lunch 

   [11:23-11:51 1st lunch 11:55 – 12:46 5th
   OR 11:27 – 12:18 5th, 12:18-12:46 2nd lunch]

12:50 – 1:41 6th
1:45 – 2:36 7th

THURSDAY 8/28/14

5th, 6th & 7th hour:  I am sorry I cannot be with you today. I have a meeting 
with my sons teachers at Tchefuncte Middle School. Please do not attempt to 
upload any files to my server. Please wait until I return tomorrow. In 
addition, please remember the following:

* Timed Writing 2 - Thursday Due 8/28/14 (See link below)

* Keychamp Sessions 8, 9 & 10 Due: Friday 8/29/14

* Windows 8.1 Test (Multiple Choice & Matching): Friday 8/29/14

* Lockdown Drill Friday 8/29/14

Mr. Scaf

Links & Assignments:

Mr. Scaf's IBCA Calendar contains assignments and due dates for 
the current week.  This calendar is always subject to change.
IBCA Google Calendar

Windows 8.1 Test

Timed Writing 2 - Due 8/28/14

Test date: Friday 8/29/14
Windows 8.1 Test Study Guide

MHSNFL Drive Mapping

MOAC Word 2013 1-3, 1-4, 1-5 & 1-6 Due Thursday 8/28/14

Email assignment Due: 8/25/14

Timed Writing 1 - Due 8/22/14

Hands Free School Zone Law 8/18/14

Dream Vacation/QAT/Grow Up - Due 8/21/14

* Please note - The puzzle is not accessible from home. There are 
no spaces between words in the puzzle and not all of the words 

Crossword Puzzle Word Bank
Desktop Mode
Email Address
File Explorer
Keyboard Shortcuts
Office 2013
Pin to Start
Start Screen
Windows Key

Windows 8.1 Vocab Crossword Puzzle - Due 8/18/14

Keyboarding Triathlon - Due: 8/14/14 

Keyboarding Triathlon - IBCA Scoreboard

Click on this link to upload files to be graded.
IBCA Digital Inbox

Google Calendar (Silver)

This link contains all quizes and test taken in this class. It 
cannot be accessed from home. 
Testing Center

This link allows you to check your grades in any class online.
JPAMS Student Progress Center

MHS 2013 - 2014 Course Description Guide

This links provides more information about the MHS program 
designed to enrourage and rewared postive behaivor.
Positve Behaivior Support Program

Please print and fill out the attached form to reset your 
(STPSB Domain) password. Please turn form into the designated box 
the library. Request could take up to 2 days.
Student Password Reset Form

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