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Mr. Scaf's IBCA Calendar contains assignments and due dates for 
the current week.  This calendar is always subject to change.
Google Assignment Calendar

Gmetrix Assignments - Word 2013

MHS Student ID Schedule - Friday 8/25/16

MOAC Project 1-1 (Word) - Due 8/25/16

C21 Lesson 27B Armani Due 8/24/16

Email Assignment - Due 8/23/16

C21 Lesson 26B Letter 1 & 2 - Due 8/23/16

Lean Word / Dream Vacation / Grow Up - Due 8/19/16

MHSNFL Drive Mapping

MHS Lunch 2016 - 2017

STSB Password Policy Adopted Fall 2014

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IBCA Digital Inbox

This link contains all quizes and test taken in this class. It 
cannot be accessed from home. 
Testing Center

This link allows you to check your grades in any class online.
JPAMS Student Progress Center

This links provides more information about the MHS program 
designed to enrourage and rewared postive behaivor.
Positve Behaivior Support Program

Scaf's Out of Class Log

JPAMS Teacher