Lesson Plans

Welcome to Biology I Honors and Gifted

Student Objectives:

  • Students will understand the structure of a DNA molecule and will be able to differentiate between the structure of DNA and RNA.
  • Students will examine the process of DNA replication and generate questions about the process
  • Students will gain an understanding of the processes of transcription and translation and will be able to summarize the processes.

Standards: SI GLE 7, LS GLE 8 & 9


  • Review DNA structure
  • Complete review activity and correct in class
  • View DNA replication power point

Homework: Study for the DNA structure Quiz


  • DNA Quiz
  • Lecture on DNA replication
  • correct study guide questions

Homework: Research and prepare project outline


  • Study Guide page 2 questions
  • Lecture on RNA Transcription
  • Transcription handout and activity

Homework: Outline due tomorrow


  • Replication bell ringer
  • Test question formulation activity/Bloom's taxonomy
  • Turn in project outlines

Homework: Prepare for Lab/closed toed shoes etc.


  • DNA extraction lab
  • Complete lab questions
  • Lab Due 3/7

Look Ahead

  • 2/23 Project outline due
  • Mardi Gras Break 2/27- 3/3
  • Research paper due March 8!!!
  • Genetic Disorder Project Due March 10!!!
  • 3/16 End of the third nine weeks and Powder Puff