Lesson Plans

Welcome to Biology I Honors and Gifted

Student Objectives:

  • Students will understand the structure of a DNA molecule and will be able to differentiate between the structure of DNA and RNA.
  • Students will examine the process of DNA replication and generate questions about the process
  • Students will gain an understanding of the processes of transcription and translation and will be able to summarize the processes.

Standards: SI GLE 7, LS GLE 8 & 9


  • Completion of the movie Lorenzo's Oil
  • Video questionnaire due at the end of the film


  • DNA Structure notes and handout
  • Homework: Research genetic disorders


  • complete questions on DNA structure and discovery
  • Notes and vocabulary

  • Homework: complete DNA questions


  • Review DNA questions

  • Replication lecture

  • Replication video and discussion

  • Homework: Review notes/continue genetic disorder research


  • Bell Ringer

  • Bill Nye "Genes" video and questions

  • Homework: Project outline due 2/23

Look Ahead

  • 2/23 Project outline due
  • Mardi Gras Break 2/27- 3/3
  • Genetic Disorder Project Due March10
  • 3/16 End of the third nine weeks