2016 -2017 School Year


Algebra II : Instructions for Bonus Points for the Exam

  • All work must be done in pencil.
  • All work must be done on loose-leaf paper.
  • All work should be numbered.
  • You must participate in a study group and complete 50 of the problems on the review. All completed problems should be check with a red or green pin.
  • All participates should have their name on their review and turn it in as a packet with the study group form placed on the top.
  • This is due the day of the exam at the end of study hall. If guidelines are followed you could earn up to 3 bonus points on your exam.

Exam Schedule:
1st hour – Dec. 15th

2nd hour - Dec. 16th
3rd hour – Dec. 19th
4th hour – Dec. 15th
5th hour - Dec. 16th

6th hour – Dec. 19th
7th hour - Dec. 20st