About The Teacher

NAME: Kelly Tveit

SCHOOL: Mandeville High School

CLASS: Biology I

EMAIL: kelly.tveit@stpsb.org

Degrees and Certification Areas:
Bachelor of Science in Biology, Tulane University
Certification in Secondary Education in Biology, Southeastern Louisiana 

After graduating with a degree in Biology, I worked in the bio-medical and 
bio-tech industry for several years before becoming an educator. Because of 
my professional experience as a biologist, I emphasize the relevance and 
real-world applications of the topics we cover in class.   

Mission For The Class

Learning biology can be both challenging and rewarding. Our goal is to 
understand the major unifying concepts of biology while also being able to 
explain why they are important and how they fit together in the "big 
picture." We will learn the basic background information necessary to 
comprehend many issues important to society today, such as health and 
medicine, the environment, and biotechnology.