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Welcome (back) to the MJH PTA Website. On this page you will find helpful information such as NEWSFLASHES, PTA “important dates”, and the “unofficial guide to MJH” which may be of assistance to parents and students who are new to MJH. We also have listed some of the accomplishments of the PTA during the 2013-14 school year.

Through the financial and volunteer efforts of MJH parents, faculty, students, and community friends, the PTA is able to provide tangible items such as computers, software, musical equipment, etc. that assist our students and teachers. The PTA also provides non tangible things such as memories made at school dances and extra “manpower” in the front office. We appreciate your donations of your time and money that keep the PTA in motion!

I look forward to serving as PTA President at MJH and working with the 2014-15 PTA Board of Directors as they are a dynamic group of volunteers. The faculty and staff here at MJH are great supporters of PTA and have the best interests of our students at heart. This has not changed since my “first time around” way back in 2006!

All PTA members are invited to attend our monthly meetings, which will be announced in every Newsletter, which the PTA publishes monthly.

3 Cheers for MJH-

Michaelle Wolfe Scelfo


MJH PTA Meeting

Please join us for the first MJH PTA meeting of this school year on

Tuesday, August 19th at 9:00 am in room 301.



Support the MJH PTA's primary fundraiser!   

Smoothie Sales will start on Friday, August 22nd - CASH ONLY

Smoothies can be bought every Friday for $3.00 or discounted tickets can be purchased for $2.50. 

If you ordered discount tickets, they will be dispensed as soon as all of the First Day Packs are processed.

If you are interested in helping out with Smoothie Sales on Fridays, please contact

Anecia Kenley at

  Order form for Smoothie discount tickets - click HERE,  print, complete and return to the front office.


The MJH PTA Website has been setup to provide information about the PTA.  Below is a description (and link) to each of our pages.

2014-2015 PTA Executive Board

President - Michaelle Scelfo
Vice President - Kelsey Remmelts
Secretary - Susan Bidleman
Treasurer - Michele Thompson

For a full listing, including the Committee Chairs, please click on BOARD

PTA 2014 - 2015 Calendar -  MJH and PTA Events

PTA NewsFlash - Updated weekly (or by special request)

PTA Forms - Forms created for and used by the MJH PTA, such as First Day Pack, Spirit Cups and Smoothies

PTA Membership - Membership activation and benefits from the District, State and National PTA organizations

PTA Newsletter – Check out the new look for the MJH newsletter and get information regarding Newsletter Sponsorship

PTA Reflection - National PTA Reflections Contest information and our student winners!

Links – PTA and school links.

Message from Mrs. Cucchiara:

Some parents have expressed concern about the weight of their child’s backpack.
Please note the following:
  • Students may use rolling backpacks at MJH!
  • Teachers have class sets of most books and students do not have to carry books back and forth from home to school. Exceptions are the Science consumable book and the 8th Grade Louisiana History Textbook.
  • Most textbooks are also available online or on CD. Please check your teacher’s websites for online/digital textbook information.
  • It is suggested that students carry only enough paper, pencils and other supplies to get them through the week. They can replenish their supply on the weekends. This way students can minimize the weight. Parents should check their child’s backpack on a regular basis to monitor what is being carried to and from school in order to eliminate unnecessary weight.
  • Additional information regarding textbooks will be given out by the teachers at Open House on Monday, August 26th.
  • Students are issued a separate P.E. locker and can use that locker to store tennis shoes and P.E. uniforms.

If a student has an issue with a difficult locker or locker location, please let us know.

A form has been created for students to use to ask for locker or textbook assistance. Students can use either of the following links.