Welcome to Speech/ Fast ForWord Announcements

Each student has a black class folder which I have prepared for them.  It needs to be brought to class daily along with their MAJ planner and a pencil.

When handouts are provided during first hour, they will go home in the black folder (left side pocket).

Grades go home on Monday!


UNIFORMS:   No non-approved logos on shirts and sweatshirts.  Undershirts need to be the appropriate color with no visible writing. Khaki (not brown or green colored) bottoms must be worn. Short-length must be "school appropriate".    

ID:  Wear IDs daily. They are part of your uniform and are required by LAW.  Do not write on, damage, or destroy your ID. Lanyards must be "school appropriate"  They must be visible above the waist and worn during regular school hours. If you need a temporary, go to the library before the first bell (7:10-7:25). It will cost $1 or 2 Patriot bucks. A second, permanent ID can be purchased for $5.  A minor infraction will be issued for students without a full or temporary ID after the first bell.  ID's must be visible at all times-this is the LAW!


Fast ForWord is a scientifically based reading intervention program scheduled at first period and consists of a series of computer-delivered brain fitness exercises to improve reading, language, and cognitive skills.  The exercises are adaptive to your child and will be increased according to their needs. By the end of the year, most students raise their vocabulary, comprehension, and/or reading levels by at least one grade level.  You can learn more by visiting the program's website at

Participation in this program is a tremendous privilege as seats are limited.  It is of utmost importance that the students make the most out of this program by maintaining attendance and participating fully with consistent effort throughout the program.  The program is self-paced and students work independently at their own levels with intervention provided on an as needed basis.      

Grading for this course is based on a weekly rubric. Students obtain points for preparation, time on task, and work completion.  There are no tests or quarterly exams in this class. Grades are based solely on this weekly rubric.    






o    Gets to class on time

o    Goes to computer promptly

o    Wears headphones correctly

o    Begins work promptly

4-meets all four objectives

3-meets three objectives

2 meets two objectives

1-meets one objective

4  3  2  1


o    Works quietly

o    Works in own space

o    Remains on-task during exercises

o    Fulfills minutes required per exercise

4-meets all four objectives

3-meets three objectives

2 meets two objectives

1-meets one objective

4  3  2  1


o    Works efficiently on assigned exercises and demonstrates progress in objective criteria

4-makes progress in every exercise/everyday

3-makes progress on most of the exercises/everyday

2-makes progress on half of the exercises/everyday

1-student makes progress on one or less exercise/everyday

4  3  2  1

NOTE: Divide total points achieved by total possible points to get the student % scores


                                                                                                                                                                 TOTAL POINTS PER WEEK:

                                                                                                                             GRADE FOR DATES INDICATED:



Students requesting lockers have received their lockers and have recorded their locker number and combo in their school planner. 

If the student needs to switch to a new locker location within the school, please follow this link to request a new location AND the student will be contacted by the office about a new locker assignment.


It may be helpful to have the new students watch this video on how to open a locker using the RIGHT-LEFT-RIGHT method.  They will have an opportunity to practice with their lockers on Thursday and Friday. 

The Locker Policy is on page 15 of the student handbook.

For more about Mrs. Vogt, see "About the Teacher"