Your child must dress out every day to earn 40% of their grade.  The uniform consists of Mandeville Junior High shorts and shirt with their name on it.  Students are not allowed to wear another student's uniform.  If they forget to bring it,  the PE dept rents shirts and shorts for 25 cents for each item.  Only tennis shoes may be worn for PE.   Uniforms cost 8 dollars for shorts and 8 for shirts.

 The student will be issued a locker after students pay the $4 locker fee.  The student is responsible for locking their lockers and their combination lock.  They are allowed to have only clear stick of roll on deodorants.  No aerosols or perfumes are allowed due to other students allergic reactions.  

40 % of each student's grade is based on dressing out.  This includes the regulation shirt, shorts, and tennis shoes that can tie.  There is no partial credit for dressing out.  Students not fully dressed out will be given a zero for the day.

The other 40% of their grade comes from participation.  If the student is just standing around talking and not actively participating, they will get a zero for the day.

There will be a written exam at the end of each quarter.  Students will be given a study guide.  The exam is 20% of their grade.
Students who bring in medical excuse notes from parents are only valid for up to three days. After three days, a doctor's note is required. Students who have medical conditions verified with a doctor's note that last more than a week, will have a written assignment to complete per week in order to get full credit for their PE grade.