Weekly Overview

  Ms.Becker's Overview for week of April 24-28

Spelling: Pretest given on Monday on words with the -ch(schwa)r and zh(schwa)r sounds.

HW: study words missed on pretest nightly

 Quiz: Friday


Grammar: This week we will review pronouns and discuss different types, such as personal, possessive, indefinite, demonstrative, reflexive, and interrogative. Notes will be taken in Interactive Notebooks. 

HW : Grammar practice sheet on pronouns in reading packet

Quiz:   Identifying pronouns - Friday

Writing:  We will discuss writing strategies to use when writing for a narrative writing task. Practice in reading packet given.

We will read chapters 25-30 in our chapter book, James and the Giant Peach. We will discuss setting, characters, foreshadowing, plot, and figurative language used in the story.

*WRITTEN and ILLUSTRATED - We went over the rubric and expectations for the "Fractured" or "Fixed" Fairy Tale that will be written...and illustrated. The cover, title, and copyright pages are due Friday, April 28th. Dedication page is due May 3rd. All other pages will be due on May 17th. The story may be handwritten or typed. If your child wrote one last year, he/she cannot use the same story unless changing it completely. Only 1 book will be given, so if your child loses his/hers, they will need to complete the assignment on loose leaf paper. Directions are given on the rubric. This will be worked on in class, but can also be worked on at home. This is for a reading, ELA, and art grade.

*Please note: if your child leaves class for an "extra" class like band, violin, art, drama, etc., he/she needs their own chapter book in order to read what was missed during the time he/she was out of the classroom. It is their responsibility to makeup work missed when he/she leaves the classroom.

HW:  - Reading Packet - due Thursday
            Reading Logs - due Friday (for those given)

*Reading Logs were given to those not reaching their AR goal and 85% correctness.

Quiz: Cold Read Skill Quiz - Friday, April 28

          Comprehension quiz on chapters 25-39 - Wednesday, May 3

Vocabulary: This week's words will come from chapters 25-30 in our chapter book. 

HW: Study the words nightly.


Quiz: Chapter 25-30 words only - Friday

Social Studies: This week we will focus on the causes of the American Revolution, analyze Primary Sources, and practice computerized SS quizzes online.

Quiz: Primary Source on the Impacts of the French and Indian War - Friday

SS Grades: Class participation, Brainpops, cold reads, and daily assessments on lessons during class time will be used for grades.

IMPORTANT:   Test grades will be coming home this week!

*Test papers will be sent home on Wednesday!  You can check JPAMS for current grades. If your child has A, B, or C...these can stay home. If there is a D or F, these papers need to be signed and returned by FRIDAY!! Thank you for your cooperation and support!