Renaissance Day Update
: On Friday, April 28th, MMS 6th graders will spend the morning rotating through stations to learn about life during the Renaissance period.   Students may wear costumes to school or change once they arrive.  Students not in costume, or who wish to change out of costume after lunch, must be in school uniforms. Points are given for costume creativity, so don't miss out!  See the links below for ideas.

Ideas for Costumes: Costumes can range from the very fancy to simple.  You may be able to alter clothing you no longer wear instead of starting from scratch with material.  Twine, cord, burlap, felt or other natural materials will look more authentic than store-bought or machine sewn. The more handmade, the better! 

Use a discarded adult-sized shirt, and cut away the collar, sleeves and machine-sewn hems to make a vest or shirt.  Use twine or cord to lace up the front.  Example:  Laced up vests

Old, worn, oversized (or way too small!) brown or dark jogging pants can substitute for "breeches."

Videos:  How to make a  Blouse  and

Read first

More:  (Some good info, but linked sites may no longer exist.)

Peasant Boy

April 23-29 is National Environmental Education Week

Links for EE Week: Between now and the end of the school year, we'll try to explore as many of these as possible.   Our lessons will tie together energy sources (Science GC Unit 7) along with data collection (Math GC Unit 6).   We'll also pull lessons from our own Louisiana Youth Wetlands Week curriculum courtesy of the LSUAg Center.

For more information, visit the National Environmental Education Week website.

New York Times article: Growing Up Denatured

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La Wildlife and Fisheries - Fish ID

La. Wildlife and Fisheries: Links

LSU Ag Center - Fisheries

Fish Base (world wide search) - Search by country and click "all fishes."  Once you see the list, click on the "show photos" button and try the different filters to sort out threatened or dangerous species, for example.

The Decline of North American Freshwater Fishes

Review - scientific process

Northlake Nature Center   (see their Louisiana BirdFest page)

National Park Service - Louisiana

BlueBonnet Swamp Nature Center

Water Data - Pacific Institute links


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How to Photograph a Whale - Lisa Denning