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Online Textbooks
To access the online versions of the math, science and social studies textbooks, in addition to helpful resources provided by the publishers, please log in to your student's account through Moodle: https://moodle.stpsb.org

Your student's ELA textbook can be accessed through ClassZone at http://www.classzone.com/cz/index.htm. If you do not have the Activation Code, which was provided to students in class, please let me know.

Upcoming Events

Monday, 04/24 - Friday, 04/28 - Food Drive

Thursday, 04/27 - Interims Available Online

Friday, 04/28 - Renaissance Day

Friday, 05/12- Junior High Day

Friday, 05/12 - Sixth-Grade Social

Upcoming Testing Dates

Please be aware that our class began state testing in April. Please make every effort to have your child at school on time on these dates:

Tuesday, April 25

Monday, May 01

Friday, May 05

This Week

On Monday, 04/24, students received the following checklist outlining the week's objectives and activities. 


English Language Arts

   Students continue work in Unit 4, a thematic unit entitled "Nature of Adversity: Overcoming Obstacles." Through literature and writing activities, the students will look within themselves to determine how they can overcome challenges, achieve success, and perform at their personal best. The fiction story elements of setting, characters, plot, and theme will be defined and analyzed. Students will read the second half of I Am David and will complete a creative product reflecting their understanding of the novel and its literary elements. This product will be due on Thursday, 04/27. Students will also continue their long-term self-directed research project. This week, they will continue their progress, document their use of time, and complete a self-reflection for each session.
   In Language, students begin each morning with a daily paragraph edit, followed by a daily writing prompt. For their grammar focus, students are working on comma usage. Students are beginning a new vocabulary lesson and will document definitions, original sentences, etymologies, and sketches for the lesson's terms. Students will complete thirty minutes of silent, self-sustained reading of books leveled 6.5 or higher according to AR. All handwritten work is required to be submitted in cursive.


   Students have completed work in Unit 6, and they are completing projects that bring together all math concepts studied this year. This week, students are researching health information so that they can design a fitness plan. This project helps students demonstrate their ability to conduct research, comprehend data, and create graphical representations. Students will present their work to the class on Thursday, 04/27. Classwork may be graded. 


   Students are working through Unit 7, which introduces students to real-world applications of energy use and renewal. This week, students will design an energy-efficient home in which features of the home reuse, recycle, and reduce use of resources. Classwork may be graded. Also, students previously worked with their table groups to design investigations focusing on prior units' concepts. This week, students will complete their peer-designed investigations focusing on the relationship between work, power, and efficiency.