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Welcome to Sixth-Grade Gifted!

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Summer Information

Gifted Parent Meeting:
Please check the MMS home page for information about a meeting on the first day of school for parents of Gifted students in the academic program.

Summer Reading Program: The summer reading list is available on the MMS home page. The sixth-grade Gifted students will work with one selection of choice from the sixth-grade list. Students will be provided time during the initial few weeks of school to read their selection if they do not do so over the summer; however, their back-to-school transition often runs more smoothly if they have already read their novel.

Supplies: I communicate with homeroom teachers to make sure that we are together using all supplies on the sixth-grade list, which is available on the MMS home page. Although I do not require the additional supplies listed below, past experience has shown that the following materials can be beneficial to students in the sixth-grade Gifted classroom. These supplies are often at their most inexpensive and are most easily found in stores during the back-to-school sales season:
  • Flash drive
  • Handheld pencil sharpener or mechanical pencils
  • Extra loose-leaf paper
  • Eraser caps and/or larger handheld erasers
  • Graph/Grid paper
  • Small, handheld stapler
  • Dry-erase markers (to use when students work with individual whiteboards in class)