About the Library

MMS Library

My name is Kellie C. Windom and I am happy to be the Library/Media Specialist here at Mandeville Middle School. This is my 11th year in the library and 29th year in education. I love being a teacher!

MMS  Library Goals & Objectives 


To establish library practices designed to promote student success

To guide students toward independent study skills through instruction on the use of the library

To offer and provide guidance to students in their reading interests and research needs

To maintain adequate supplies of high interest reading materials

To provide a courteous atmosphere conducive to learning

MMS  Library Information 

Hours:                                                    clock.jpg

 The library opens each morning at 7:00 am and has become a popular spot on campus before the official start of the school day. Students are welcome (40-45 maximum capacity) to come in to study, research, return books, browse and check out a book(s), enjoy a magazine or newspaper, take an AR test, shop at the spirit “store”, mail a letter, or just READ before school. The Library is open from 7:00-7:25 to any 4th, 5th, or 6th grade student on Mondays & Fridays. We reserve the library before school for 4th grade students on Tuesday mornings, 5th grade students on Wednesday mornings, & 6th grade students on Thursday mornings. We close daily at 2:41.

Accelerated Reader:

We are pleased to announce that we have renewed our online subscription to Accelerated Reader which includes the STAR assessment as well. This means that students have access to more than 170,000 books!
Classes:                                                  library-sign.jpg

Each class has a weekly scheduled library lesson. These lessons are designed to enhance the St. Tammany Parish curriculum and provide resources that support state standards/GLEs.

Checking out Books:                                         walking-book.jpg

Each patron is welcome to check out one or two books at a time for a two week period. Books are allowed to be renewed once before they are placed back into circulation.

Fines:                                                           walking-money.jpg

Students with overdue books are charged a nickel per school day until the overdue book is returned. There is a maximum fine of $1.00 per book. The book must either be returned or paid for in full.

Birthday Book:                                                    birthday-cake.jpg 
Celebrate your child’s birthday by donating a book to the Library. Just donate $25.00 and fill out the appropriate form. This allows the librarian to purchase a hardback book for MMS library in your child‘s honor.
The book will be presented to your child with a book plate including your child’s name and details of the special occasion. In addition, your child will be the first student to check out the book and when the book is returned, it will be added to the general circulation.