About the Teacher

NAME: Christi Bryan

SCHOOL: Mangham High School

CLASS: English IV; Remedial English; Yearbook; and Health

EMAIL: creeves@richland.k12.la.us

About Me

I am married to my husband, Daniel, and I have 2 daughters, Macy & Layla. We 
live in Winnsboro, but I grew up and graduated high school from Crowville.  I 
also graduated from the University of Louisiana at Monroe in 2001 with my 
Bachelor of Science Degree in Health and Human Performance Education. After I 
graduated, I received my certification in Speech Communication and English.  
I began my career at Crowville High School and was there for two years until 
it was consolidated into Franklin Parish High School. I taught there for five 
years.  In 2008, I joined Richland Parish School System at Rayville 
Elementary but transferred to Mangham within a year.  I am currently teaching 
English IV, Remedial English, Health, and Yearbook but in my twelve year 
career, I have also taught PE, ACT Prep, World Geography, 
Civics, Free Enterprise, English I and II, Biology II, Education for Careers, 
Speech, Senior Applications, and the 3rd grade. So I guess I'm pretty 

Also, part of my career has been another love of mine...extracurricular 
activities. I was the assistant softball coach for two years at Crowville 
High School. I've coached cheerleading for six years at Crowville and 
Franklin Parish High School, and beginning my 3rd year at Mangham, as well as 
private coached and judged.  I was the Sr. Beta Club sponsor at FP for three 
years and have been the sponsor at Mangham since 2011. I have very much 
enjoyed being here at Mangham for the last 6 years. It is a great school, has 
a great community behind it, and has some great students. 

In my spare time, when there is any, is usually spent at some sporting 
event watching the Mangham Dragons, or one of Macy's extracurricular 
activities or chasing my toddler, Layla. I enjoy shooting my bow and watching 
LSU and Saints football. We are members of Crockett Point Baptist Church in