Video Clips For You

A pep talk for teachers and students!
Kid President

Practice your 12 Words!
12 Powerful Words

Pick the word y'all!
Connotation VS Denotation

Rap along with parts of a plot.
Plot Rap Song

What really caused the Hindenberg to explode?
Mini Myth Busters:  HIndenberg

A young woman, age 16, was shot by the Taliban for wanting to 
pursue an education.  This is the true definition of bravery.
An Extraordinary Young Woman:  Malala Yousafzai

Introduction to the novel, Coming Back Stronger
Drew Brees on the Today Show

Check this out, ya'll!  This child is now a student at LMJ!
LMJ Student and Drew Brees

Who dat!
Drew Brees:  "New Orleans Saved Me"

Examples of literary devices in pop culture.
Literary Devices in Pop Culture

Example of Foreshadowing
Foreshadowing in Cinderella

Watch how the video clip uses flashback to help show the 
character's role in the movie.
Flashback with Toy Story 2

A cute little tale to demonstrate inequality.
The Sneetches by Dr. Seuss

Quick intro to this type of composition.
Writing An Argumentative Essay

Test Taking Words!
Test Taking Vocabulary

Learn more about the person who wrote Thank You Mam.
Mini Bio of Langston Hughes

Explore both internal and external conflicts.
Types of Conflict in Literature

A non-verbal slide show of photos and descriptions of a 
significant historical
The Great Depression

Narration of events.
The Great Depression II

Sarcasm at its finest.
Verbal Irony

Did you see that?
Dramatic Irony

How unfortunate!
Situational Irony

"Run and find out!"--that's a mongoose's motto.
Rikki Tikki Tavi--Part 1-3