Click the link under "Useful Websites" in a separate window or plug
in the following web address in the URL bar:

Explore the website using the following directions and answer the
questions as listed below. You must click SUBMIT to receive credit.

  • 1) Look under the heading titled "Segregated America" and click the
    subheading "The Promise of Freedom" Identify if the following
    statements are true or false:

    The 16th amendment abolished slavery.

  • 2) Under the subheading "White Only", decide if the following statement
    is true or false:
    Jim Crow laws separated people of color from whites in schools,
    housing, jobs, and public gathering places.

  • 3) Continue under the subheading "White Only". Decide if the following
    statement is true or false:
    The Ku Klux Klan used fear, brutality, and murder to terrorize
    African-Americans after the Reconstruction Era.

  • 4) Under the subheading "Separate but Equal", choose the best answer
    for the following question:
    Who is Homer Plessy?

  • 5) Click the heading "The Battleground" and look under the
    subheading "The Quest for Education". Answer the following question:
    What is the Freedmen's Bureau?

  • 6) Look under the subheading "In Pursuit of Equality". Answer the
    following question:
    Who is Benjamin Roberts of Boston?

  • 7) Click the heading "Legal Campaign". Under the subheading "An
    Organized Legal Campaign", answer the following:
    What is the NAACP?

  • 8) Click the heading "The Decision". Under the subheading "The
    Defenders of Segregation", answer the following:
    Those who defended the rights of African Americans in the Supreme
    Court were of what race?

  • 9) Click the heading "Legacy". Look under the subheading "With All
    Deliberate Speed". Answer the following question:
    The Brown decision declared the system of legal segregation ________.

  • 10) Under the heading "Legacy", skim through the photos under the
    subheading of "Freedom Struggle".

    What year did Ruby Bridges attend an all white elementary school in

    New Orleans?