About the Teacher

NAME: Jessica M. Miller

SCHOOL: Monteleone Junior High and Madisonville Junior High

CLASS: Band and Explore Music

SCHOOL PHONE: 985-951-8088

-she has studied the flute for 13 years and was classically trained at Southeastern 
Louisiana University
-she received her Bachelor's Degree In Music Education from Southeastern Louisiana 
University, where she was nominated the Outstanding Student Teacher of the Year and 
awarded Outstanding Student In 
Music Education 2010
-this will be the beginning of her seventh year teaching in St. Tammany Public Schools  
including the following 
schools:  Folsom Elementary , Abney Elementary , Bayou Lacombe Middle , L.P. 
Monteleone Junior High, and Madisonville Junior High
-last year she had a little baby boy, named Micah Miller, and all of her band students got to 
know him and love him just like she loves him and all of her band kiddos too
-she also has a dog named Jada and loves to play with her at the Lakefront and then get ice 
cream with her at Bops afterwards...yum