Projects are a fun way to learn, and I enjoy doing them with my students.  I strongly believe children should be encouraged to do something just for the learning experience itself--not just for a grade. 

Students (and homeroom teachers) are given info sheets about the project and plenty of time to finish it.  Finished projects are displayed and orally presented to the class audience.  Students learn to research, create, and speak before their peers.  Learning takes place without a grade, in a non-stressful way.

What joy it is to see a student who takes the idea and runs.  I've had some tell me they completed it that night! 

I hope you will support and encourage your child at project time.

Our projects include:

4th grade:  Biography/Autobiography--"ELF Friend"--Due next week (Dec.12-16) on library day. Students write a biography and create an elf.  A project sheet has gone home.

5th and 6th are writing various types of poems.  They need to be illustrated and colored; handed in by 12/15/16.

5th is Haiku and Cinquain.

6th is Limericks


In 2017 5th grade:  Disasters!

6th grade:  American Landmarks

  • All grades do Poetry during the month of December.