Library / Media Center

NAME: Holley Malone

SCHOOL: Pine View MS

CLASS and EMAIL: Library /

SCHOOL PHONE: 985-892-6204

Ms. Malone

I love "my" kids and my job!  There's nothing better in life than to combine 
the 2 things I love--teaching and reading.  It is a pleasure to share my love 
of reading with "my" kids.  What a fantastic feeling when they come back to 
tell you how much they enjoyed the recommended book.  I believe the library 
should be a cozy place to visit and user-friendly.  I teach students how to 
navigate the library media center--a skill they will use their whole lives.

I am a former classroom teacher with a degree in Elementary Education from the
University of Southern Mississippi and a Masters in Library Media.  I think I
have the best job in the world!

Please feel free to contact me with any questions.  Email is the fastest way
for me to communicate.

Learning and reading for enjoyment!

Welcome to Pine View's Library.  You will find lots of great books to read! 
During the year, various grade levels will be doing interesting mini
projects--not for a grade, but to enjoy the learning process. Sometimes
learning should just be fun and interesting without the pressure of grades. We
will use books, encyclopedias, and Internet to learn about many different
people, subjects, or events that belong to our history as a people.

Responsibility is an objective.  Students need to take ownership of the 
library and their books.  We learn to treat both with respect and bring books 
back on their due dates.