About the Teacher

NAME: Mrs. Ronquillo

SCHOOL: Pontchartrain Elementary School

CLASS: Computer Lab

SCHOOL PHONE: 985-626-3748

I'm excited about teaching in second grade this year! This is my 9th 
year at Pontchartrain and in Mandeville. I love this school and hope to have 
many more happy years teaching Pontchartrain Eagles!

Along with teaching in the computer lab, I create the school yearbook, am the 
webmaster for the school website, and continue my work on a school wide 
recycling program! 
These activities keep me very busy! 

This year, I will continue working on the school arboretum located next to 
the KidSense playground! I won a grant that will help fund the project. I 
will post pictures of the progress along the way! I know the students will 
love being a part of the planning, planting, and photo-taking of the