About The Teacher

NAME: Mrs. Kathy Michael

SCHOOL: Mrs. Michael's Visual Impairments Resources, LLC


SCHOOL PHONE: 658-7298, 936-3747

About The Teacher

Mrs. Michael is a 40 year veteran in the education field who has earned 
30+ hours above a Master of Education degree. She has worked with students 
ages 3 to 23. Mrs. Michael has teacher certifications in art for grades K 
to twelve (she's also an artist), Visual Impairments-Blind and partially 
sighted for grades K to twelve (she reads braille fluently) and teaching 
reading for grades K to twelve. She currently acts as specialist and 
consultant for students with visual impairments, a consultant for teachers 
of students with multiple disabilities who have students with visual 
impairments in their classrooms and a consultant for technology for 
students with visual impairments/multiple disabilities. She volunteers to 
work with former students and currently volunteers with visually impaired 
children in the Zachary Community Schools

She has experience in working with children with varied exceptionalities 
and learning differences--which is her area of expertise, especially in 
the area of reading and TEACHING THE WAY A CHILD LEARNS. She has taught 
children with autism, dyslexia, orthopedic impairments, developmental
delays, special talents and other differences which may or may not 
accompany visual impairments. She has taught in Tangipahoa Parish, the 
Louisiana School for the Visually Impaired, Hillsborough County Schools in 
Florida and East Baton Rouge Parish. She once had a class of deaf-blind 
children. While in the school system, each summer Mrs. Michael worked with 
children with varied exceptionalities for the Extended School Year program 
with a particular interest in learning differences and autism.

Mrs. Michael is also certified in reading remediation, supervision of 
student teachers and child search coordination. Because of her students 
with multiple disabilities, Mrs. Michael is also familiar with a bit of 
sign language and sign language modification. She owns Mrs. Kathy's Kids 
Visual Impairments Resource, LLC.
Mrs. Michael's  main web site URL: http://www.kathyskids.org and the 
Mrs. Michael's message board URL http://mskathy.proboards30.com. 
Mrs. Michael's blog URL http://mskathyskids.blogspot.com/.

Mrs. Michael is married to Mr. Michael for ten years. She has one daughter 
named Adrianne, two step daughters named Nicole and Angel and two 
grandsons-- Ezra and Isaac.

Outside of school, Mrs. Michael volunteers to work in children's ministry 
as a Sunday school teacher for seven- and eight-year-olds, a Children's 
church teacher for four- and five-year-olds and a Girl Scout Leader (life 
member) for five- to eight-year-olds in a combination Daisy/Brownie Girl 
Scout Troop. 

She also volunteers with Mr. Michael--which is how the couple met-- in the 
Louisiana Chapter of the Kairos Prison Ministry International which serves 
the Louisiana State Penitentiary at Angola and has been a mentor in the 
Second Chance mentoring program which helps East Baton Rouge Parish prison 

Mrs. Michael's Mission

Blindness, whether total or partial, is no excuse for not succeeding. Our 
children with visual impairments will have to do things differently to 
accomplish the same goals as sighted children but they WILL accomplish the 
same goals. The class mission is to accomplish independence and productive