Salmen Individual Graduation Plan Process

Individual Graduation Plans (IGPs) are an important piece of high school and post-high school planning. It is mandatory that each student have an updated IGP on file with the Guidance Department.

Individual Guidance Plans (IGPs) are created during Spring Scheduling for students. Each spring, the students update their plans with the classes they will be taking the following year, and take the plans home to be signed. Plans are returned to the student’s counselor.

Reminders regarding the graduation plan are posted on the Guidance Department’s website.

Parents are informed on the importance of the graduation plan at parent nights which are held throughout the year for each grade level.

New students enrolling at Salmen throughout the year will complete an IGP upon creating their schedule. Parents will sign the IGP at that time. This IGP will be updated during spring scheduling.

·         After the deadline set for the spring, parents of the students who fail to return their plan will receive an automated call from the school to notify them of the unapproved plan. Plans will be resent home to these parents.

·         If the plans continue to remain unsigned, parents are called individually by the counselor in order to request a meeting to physically come in and sign the plan.

·         Parents will be contacted three times before the end of the year if the plan continues to remain unsigned. Counselors are to document each time a parent is contacted, regardless of if the contact was successful or unsuccessful.

o   If contact information needs to be updated, counselor will document avenues taken to procure up to date contact information on parent.

·         Each counselor will audit their students’ IGPs at the beginning of each school year.

o   Students who are still missing IGPs at this time will be given a copy to take home to have signed by the parent or guardian. The parent will also receive a call home in order to ensure that they are aware of the nature of the form.