Admissions Information Meeting

The military offers qualified high school graduates a good salary 
and free job
training. It also provides discipline and structure, as well as 
advancement and travel opportunities. To obtain information on 
any of the
military branches, it is best to contact the recruiters. 

Students considering military service can find more information 
about each
branch by following the links below:
ARMY    1-800-USA-ARMY






Acceptance of students is based on academic, extracurricular and 
fitness criteria. Each academy has its own specific requirements; 
however, the
following give you a foundation for application:

    *English, four years with emphasis on writing
    *Math, four years including Algebra I through Trigonometry
    *Science, four years including Chemistry and Physics
    *Social Studies, either World History or European Geography
    *Typing, Computer Science, highly recommended
    *Foreign Language, minimum of two years, highly recommended

EXTRACURRICULAR: Involvement in clubs and activities as an 
officer, academic
honors received, and positions served would indicate strong 
ability. Part-time employment is considered valuable.
PHYSICAL FITNESS: Varsity athletics and/or marching band are 
considered a plus.

Students must meet the academic course requirements listed above 

    * Rank in the upper fourth of their graduating class 
    * Have the following minimum scores:
    o ACT – English –24, Social Studies - 24, Reading -24, 
Science - 25, 
Math- 25.
    o SAT – Verbal 580, Math 560

The Air Force, Naval, Army and Merchant Marine Academies utilize 
procedure wherein a student must apply through and be nominated 
by their
State's US Senators or Representatives. The Coast Guard Academy 
does not use
the nomination procedure. Rather, it has a competitive admission 
just like any
other college.

They offer four years of college education ending in a Bachelor 
of Science
degree. Graduates receive regular commissions and must serve on 
active duty
for at least five years.
The United States Air Force Academy

United States Naval Academy

United States Military Academy

United States Coast Guard Academy

Merchant Marine Academy

ROTC- The Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) trains students 
in about 500
Army, Navy, Marine Corps and Air Force units at participating 
colleges and
universities. Trainees take two to five hours of military 
instruction a week
in addition to regular college courses.
Persons attending undergraduate institutions offering a four-year 
program may
be commissioned upon graduation if they participated in four 
years of ROTC
training. The last two years of the ROTC program the student 
would receive a
monthly allowance. After graduation, they serve for a stipulated 
period of time.
Two-year programs are available to students transferring from 
colleges where
ROTC programs are not available.
ROTC SCHOLARSHIPS -These scholarships pay for college tuition, 
textbooks, fees
and other academic expenses. Students also receive a tax-free 
allowance of up to $1000 each school year. The scholarships apply 
to any
university that has a ROTC program. Competition for these 
scholarships is very
high. Ninety percent of the recipients rank in the top 25% of 
their class and
have high ACT or SAT scores.
Leadership potential (extra curricular activities) is also an 
factor. Applications procedures should start at the end of junior 
year or
early in the senior year.
If interested in applying to an academy, contact your counselor
in the fall of your junior year.