About the Teacher

NAME: Alexa E. Shwalenberg and Kristen N. Bryson

SCHOOL: Sixth Ward Elementary

CLASS: Speech

SCHOOL PHONE: 985-863-7126

Mrs. Kristen and Mrs. Alexa

Welcome to Speech and Language!

Hello and welcome back to the 2015-2016 school year. We are the speech 
language pathologists for Sixth Ward Elementary this year! We are excited 
to begin the new year. We start speech and language therapy during a new 
school year by first taking some baseline data.  We will collect data over 
the next few weeks and use it to assess progress throughout the year. 
Baseline data is also used to determine the best group/time for therapy 
for your son/daughter.  Therapy times and groups will be finalized over 
the next few weeks.  However remember therapy times may change as your 
child progresses.  

Please feel free to contact us any time you have questions or concerns.  
We check our email daily and you can send a note that way to either 
Kristen at Kristen.norsworthy@stpsb.org or Alexa at 
Alexa.esposito@stpsb.org. You can also call the school number at 985-863-
7126 during the day.  You can also always send a note with your son or 
daughter if that is easiest for you.