May 2017

Well here we are in the last quarter of the school year. This is no time to let your little one relax. Now is the time we must really show their academic efforts that will help them end the year successfully. Please schedule a conference to discuss your child's progress, as soon as possible.

Thank-you for your support in my efforts for your child.

Mrs. Eva M. Amar, M.Ed.                                                                    
             Curriculum & Instruction
Reading Specialist

Happy Birthdays in Mrs. Amar's Class! 

May 2017                               



Classroom Jobs;
Line Leader   --  
Door Holder   -- 
Pencil Sharpener  -- 
Messenger  --   
Computer Center  - 
Calendar  - 
Teacher Helpers  -   

Language Arts Center   -- 

Clean Up  -- 


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