Welcome to Our Pre-K Room!

Please work with you child on:

1. Recognizing all upper and lower case letters of the alphabet

2. Recognizing and counting numbers 0-10

3. Spelling and writing their first name.

Our Classroom could use the following items:

More class snacks

baby wipes

Show and Tell: Every week we will have show and tell. Have your child   bring in items that begin with the 'letters of the week'. The Newsletter can be found under "Class Room News".

Class Pet:  Every Friday one student will be chosen to bring our class stuffed pet home, "Hootie". Please record your adventures with Hootie in the binder and return Hootie on Mondays.  Our Class also received a grant for an aquarium! We have 5 fish and 1 shrimp! The kids (and the teachers..) are so excited!


Bring .50 - $1 EVERY Friday if your child would like to purchase a snack from PTA. (We will still have snack in our classroom)

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Please bring:  full set of extra clothes in a gallon zip lock bag &  water bottle. 

  The best times for our class is during center times: 9:25-10:40 & 2:15-3:25 and during Breakfast (8:30) and Lunch (11:50).  Please just sign in at the office before stopping by our room.

Looking forward to

our school year!


Ms. Shellie's and Ms. Rhonda's  Class is located in Pearl River, Louisiana.  We utilize a hands on approach to learning along with individualized instruction that meets the needs of each of the learners in the class. We like to have fun while we learn and you can often find us utilizing learning centers that are both teacher and student initiated. Technology is used daily doing things like playing fun educational games on the promethean board, computer, and tablets. Our goal is to have the students have a very positive first experience with school and fall in love with learning! We look forward to working with your child this year!
  Enjoy your visit :)

* Check out Classroom News for weekly News. Please feel free to email me, send a note in your child's daily folder or call the school if you have any comments, questions, or concerns.

" If we change people everyday, then why not change them for the better." unknown