Whale Happenings

We thank Suhani and her family for purchasing a new refrigerator for our classroom! Now our snack drinks will be nice and cold :)
Daily 5 ...
We are moving right along in the Whale Tank. The Whales are getting use to the routine of our day.
We have started Daily 5, which is a framework that provides time and practice for developing and strengthening reading, writing, spelling, comprehension and reading fluency skills. The children have books that are leveled (composed of mostly the sight words and pictures) to read (by words, pictures or retelling). They are Reading to Self (independently).  This week they began Work on Writing where they are "driting" (drawing and writing) their ideas onto paper. Their illustrations are detailed enough to tell a story. They must use at least 5 colors when drawing and label (spell) at least 3 things on their page. At this point, it might be just the first letter of the word. As the year progresses, they will write sentences. It is amazing how far they've come in such a few short weeks.  I am loving teaching the WhaleKids.  Thanks for sharing your child with me!