Chorus Notes

After school rehearsal:  Tuesday, May 2 until 5pm. (in the gym)

Concert: Monday, May 8th:  2:00pm (for the students)

  6:30pm (for family and friends)

 What to wear:

For the 2:00pm concert – Wear your chorus shirt and school bottoms.

For the 6:30pm concert – Wear a dressy springtime outfit (no jeans).


*Please arrive at 6:00pm for the evening concert and report directly to the gym.

*Email me with questions or concerns.


Here is the link to see your WONDERFUL performance at the festival!  I'm so proud!!!

AND in case you were in chorus last year or the year before, here are the links for the past 2 years:
2016 -
2015 -


Chorus begins the week of 8/29/16

Ms. Roy's room (105)

4th grade chorus

Monday 8:10-8:50 {Vicknair, Rousseau, Couvillion, Seiber, Wold, Kottemann}                                

Tuesday 8:10-8:50 {Roark, Billingsly, Bermudez, Peacock, Cassidy, Stokes}

Wednesday 8:10-8:50 {ALL}

5th grade chorus

Tuesday 1:51-2:31 {Lawson, Conner, Bonner, Jourdan, Carney, Sullivan}

Wednesday 1:51-2:31 {Nolinske, Desmond, Jennings, Leedy, Granier, Marino}

Thursday 1:51-2:31 {ALL}

6th grade chorus

Wednesday 10:10-10:50 {Jiles, Gendusa, Lovell, Maguire, Hewson, Fauquier}

Thursday 10:10-10:50 {Foley, Kitchens, Vicari, Lavergne, DePoy, Norris}

Friday 10:10-10:50 {ALL}