May 15, 2017

We are out of paper towels. Please send in a roll to help with end-of-the-year cleanup!

*Return signed test folders by Tuesday!

*Field Day is TOMORROW, May 16th in the afternoon. Shirts were sent home.

*6th grade picnic is THURSDAY, May 18th.

*6th grade awards day is FRIDAY, May 19th at 10 am!

*May 23rd is the last day of school. Dismissal at 12:11! No aftercare. There will be Gator Gathering in the morning.

*I hope that you have each enjoyed your 6th grade year at TMS! I absolutely loved being your teacher. Thank you for being just as excited about Baby Fauquier as I was and celebrating with me! IO have definitely missed you these past few weeks, but I am loving being a mom. Good luck in junior high! -Mrs. Fauquier

Students can use skills learned throughout the year to complete activities that are real-world and mathematical.
*Challenge packet all week.

Students can state what the pitch of a sound depends on. Student can identify factors that affect the loudness of a sound. Students can explain the Doppler effect.
*Graded assignment Chapter 10 lesson 5 on Wednesday. (may use study guides)

Social Studies (Fauquier's Homeroom Only)
Students can explain and describe the geography, religion, achievements, politics and social structure of ancient civilizations.

*Students will begin completing G.R.A.P.E.S. assignment for ancient civilizations- due Friday for a grade.


  • Homework: Students should write all homework assignments in their planner.
  • Tests: Please note that all tests are tentative. Always check student planner.
  • Thursday Folders: Please sign and return.