Hi Gators!!!

      We will be ...."Living, Laughing and Learning in Louisiana".... this school year at TMS. I am looking forward to our 2017-18 school year! Hope you are too:) At the beginning of each nine weeks, we will individually conference and set personal goals for each student. To accomplish each one's personal goal, it is really important for you to set a daily routine of going over notes, study guides, math problems, and perhaps re-reading lessons in your text that were assigned in class that day, especially in the Social Studies and Science content areas. Please DO NOT WAIT until the night before the test to start studying. Forming good study habits now will help you now and in your future studies. Good study tools you can utilize are: your daily planner and graphic organizers given and taught to organize information in a way you learn it best. These tools will help students meet academic success while ...."Learning in Louisiana" :)

Remember to read (something you enjoy) each night for at least 15-20 minutes. Don't forget "The MORE you READ the BETTER you'll read, the BETTER you READ the MORE you'll read!!!

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How do I know my child has homework?
Every student has a planner to write their nightly homework. Please ask
your child to see the planner. Studying for a test is considered homework,
and students should study a little every night. Many students think that
it's not homework unless there's writing involved.

When are the tests given?
Tests are given on different days depending on when the material is
completed. Please check the weekly overview for the tests given that week.
Overviews are given to the students on Monday.

In accordance with TMS policy, please try to give 24 hours notice before
requesting missed assignments. Those students who will be out for just the
day can receive their missed work upon returning to school. It has become
increasingly difficult to get together work and books for students who are
absent without having at least a day's advance notice. All students are
given a "Missed Assignment" form upon their return to school. It is the
student's responsibility to make sure the work is completed and returned to
me in a timely manner. Only those students whose absence is excused by the
office will be allowed to make up graded assignments/tests. This is in
accordance with STPSB policy. It is extremely important that you send a
note within 2 days of your child's absence if it is to be considered for an
excused absence.