• As a subscriber to Blackboard's TeacherWeb or WorkNotes product, we want to ensure that you are aware that services will be discontinued on December 31st, 2017.

    We know that moving to new solutions requires effort and time, so we are providing you with notice of this significant change at our first opportunity. Thank you sincerely for your support of TeacherWeb over the years.

    Many common questions may be addressed in this list of Frequently Asked Questions.
  • Early on the morning of Friday, 6/23, Blackboard will be conducting required operating system patching for TeacherWeb. This will begin at 2AM Eastern Time and could end as late as 6AM Eastern Time. During that period, sites may become briefly unavailable. It’s our hope that the maintenance will conclude well in advance of 6AM. We will also update status.blackboard.com close to the start of the school day on 6/23 to indicate that maintenance has been completed.

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