The Summer of 2017

The St. Tammany Public Library has MANY fun and educational activities for kids and adults during the summer.

Click Here For The St. Tammany Paris Public Library's Summer Reading Challenge

Click Here For The St. Tammany Parish Library's Kid's Corner

Mark your calendars...

May 19th – Fun in the Forest

(please consider volunteering)

 May 23rd – Last Day of School Dismissal 12:21

 May 26th – Report Cards will be mailed home

Ticket to read usernames and passwords were sent home this week. I would like for the kids to use this website to practice reading at home. If you should have any questions, feel free to ask! Click on the link below to access the site. Have fun learning!

Multiplication Facts should be memorized. Students should know 0-12. Math drills are taking place weekly.


*Please, if possible, donate large bottles of hand sanitizer and Band-Aids


*To access the class newsletter, click the "Class Work/Student Work/Newsletter" tab to the left.
Wish List:
1. Vegetable and herb plants!
2. Paper towels
3. Pencils ( American made pencils only please. The pencils that are made in China, Vietnam, and Indonesia are of poor quality and are burning up my electric pencil sharpener.
5 . Healthy Snacks
6. Drinks

7. Aluminum foil
8. Zipper sandwich bags

Math: and ELA

Moby Math
    This site has excellent Common Core lesson in math and ELA. There are also videos to explain the lessons!!!!
The following are short 3 – 4 minute videos of people and places from countries
around the world:

The St. Tammany Public Library has MANY AR books. Please bring your child to the public library and show them that you truly love books and care about reading.

Please read and initial your child’s agenda every day to check for behavior colors, homework assignments and announcements. If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact me at or call the front office.

Often parents want to know what they can do to help their children with reading skills at home. I tell them to read to and with their child every night. I have attached a document in the “Class Pic/Student Work/Newsletter” section of this website with many helpful tips for reading with children. Please click on "Tips For Reading With  Children."